TCM-59V, picture by Nick Jarman

The TCM-59V was a full-function compact mono cassette recorder positioned near the top of its respective range. In addition to the usual features offered on this class of machine, the TCM-59V also offered auto-reverse (automatic on playback only, manual during recording), voice activated recording (VOR), a tape counter, a flat microphone built into the cassette door, variable speed playback and dual (mono) loudspeakers built into the rear of the unit. Clever design details were also in evidence, for example the pause switch was automatically cancelled when the stop key was pressed and the tape direction could be switched from forward to reverse even when the mechanism was stationary, returning to forward automatically when the cassette door was opened. The dual loudspeakers gave a surprising amount of volume for a machine that was little larger than the most compact playback-only Walkman models. Text copyright © Walkman Central. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

As heads for auto-reverse mono recorders were not widely produced the TCM-59V used a stereo head with both the channels permanently wired together. Erasing was done by two separate heads, one on either side of the main head, which were switched in and out of the circuit as the direction of recording required. The mechanism was unusual in that both flywheels rotated in the same direction, the auto-reverse function being initiated by the reversing of the motor. This made it possible to control the auto reverse function electronically, hence the flexibility of operation that was possible. For automatic reverse, a reflective optical sensor monitored the rotation of one of the reels. Text copyright © Walkman Central. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

The TCM-59V was a popular choice as a high quality dictating machine for business use but it is also very suitable for music listening, the only limitation being that reproduction is of course in mono only. Text copyright © Walkman Central. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.