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WM-BF67, picture by Nick Jarman

This comprehensive model replaced the WM-F560. It looked very similar but included a number of detail improvements, along with minor styling revisions. The AM/FM stereo radio remained largely unaltered, and certainly from a functional point of view could be considered identical. Text copyright © Walkman Central. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Changes and improvements to the cassette section were as follows: Firstly, the auto-reverse section now had a mechanical indicator to show which direction the tape would run in if play (or record) was activated. This was very useful for a recorder as it helped to avoid accidentally erasing previous recordings. The tape direction button was arranged so that the direction could be changed without running the tape. For this purpose the motor had to be started, something that required extra contacts on the mechanism. The record button was also redesigned so that it worked by sliding rather than pushing, a deliberately more awkward movement that reduced the chance of entering the recording mode by mistake. Finally, the battery indicator now served as a recording indicator as well. If a tape was loaded with the erase protection tabs removed then the record control would engage but as well as the recording not starting, the record/battery indicator would flash. This would also happen if only one side of the cassette was erase protected once the tape direction changed. Text copyright © Walkman Central. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Mechanical presets inside cassette door (green), picture by Nick Jarman
Mechanical presets inside cassette door (green)

There is a possibility with all radio recorders that the high frequency generated by the biasing circuits can interfere with AM reception, causing whistles and noises that are recorded onto the tape. To avoid this, the WM-BF67 was fitted with Sony’s familiar “ISS” (interference suppressor switch). This allowed the bias circuits to be altered slightly in their operating frequency to a value where interference did not occur. Text copyright © Walkman Central. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.